Josh Dechant.

I'm a dad living in Kansas and a full stack web and mobile developer. I design and build both simple and complicated websites, mobile applications, and games. I also created a series of books with my daughter. I can design and build your idea with a custom back-end, integrate other services like Facebook or Google Maps, and help you market it.

For a technical list of skills, see my resume.


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Web Design and Development



Reach Ninja is a SaaS CMS for mobile applications. I built it from scratch including the website, marketing pages, user control panel, JSON API, and accompanying mobile apps.

Skills: PHP/MySQL, JQuery, CSS, HTML, database design, website design, SEO, API development, third party API integration, ecommerce, server administration



Roara Rex is a website promoting a collection of books I created with my daughter. I customized Wordpress to set it up quickly.

Skills: Wordpress, JQuery, CSS, HTML, website design, SEO, Illustration, copywrighting, creative marketing, social media marketing


Mobile App Design and Development



Renaissance Life is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It is a directory of all of the renaissance festivals in the United States, and some in Canada. I built the website, JSON API, and mobile apps from scratch.

Skills: PHP/MySQL, JQuery, CSS, HTML, JSON, SQL, database design, website design, API development, mobile app development, Cordova/PhoneGap, mobile app design



Styles Dance is a mobile app powered by the Reach Ninja CMS. It contains updated information for a dance studio so the dance parents are always informed. Android Link

Skills: Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, KendoUI, Cordova/PhoneGap, JSON, mobile app development, API integration, mobile app design


Game Design and Development



Hello Roara! is an interactive children's book with a built-in game, based on the Hello Roara! dinosaur book.

Skills: Unity3D, C#, javascript, illustration, game design, game development, audio editing



Nuclear Chickens is a fast paced 2D game for iOS built using the CoronaSDK.

Skills: Game design, game development, audio editing, CoronaSDK, Lua





I created a children's book with my daughter. I did have some artists working on the initial project, but I ended up re-illustrating the whole thing, and then drawing a second book of the collection from scratch. This has become one of my favorite things to do.



I draw mostly digitally. Although I have experience with a number of devices and pieces of software, I've come to prefer my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate for illustration. That's what I used exclusively while drawing these books.



In addition to all of the things listed above, I offer the following:

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